Initial meeting

At the first on-site meeting with our client we assess the potential of the property and discuss the client’s wishes. The client often has objectives–to have serenity, for example–but is unsure how to translate this into a landscape.  We help the client interpret the objectives using sketches representing plants and structure. From this meeting we can prepare a proposal for the design portion of the project. We may recommend a topographical survey or alert the client as to zoning restrictions and the need for permits and variances.

Concept proposal

From the information we have now gathered we will develop concept proposals for discussion. These concepts are typically hand sketches and show various approaches to  achieve the objective.


Master Plan

Following discussions with the client and further development of the design, we prepare a Master Plan which will clearly represent the shared vision of client and designer. At this time we can establish a budget for the installation process and make the necessary arrangements for permits and variances.



We use experienced, proven and trusted contactors to install the projects we design. We procure estimates for hardscaping, lighting, irrigation, swimming pools, and driveways. We manage all aspects of the project and are available to supervise the regular maintenance upon completion.



Gardens are ever-changing and dynamic. They are alive in the individual elements and also as a functioning whole. Under the guidance of our designers, skilled and experienced gardeners are available to maintain the health and beauty of your landscape.  We are also available as consultants.

Integrity and diligence permeate the project from the initial site assessment to the care of the landscape.