designOur design service is the core of what we do. Our job as designers is to closely and carefully observe what the site reveals.  What does it want stylistically?  What does it need to thrive?  How do we integrate the requirements of the property with the wishes of the client?  Inspiration ignites the design process and ideas percolate; there is excitement.

In addition to creating Master Plan drawings we offer design services for foundation renovations, green roofs and green walls, hardscape projects such as terraces, pathways and planted walls, poolscapes and ponds, vegetable and ornamental gardens, and landscape lighting.

A Master Plan is critical for projects that are implemented over time and have numerous components.  It is the road map for the implementation of the landscape and the budgeting tool to keep things on track.

A landscape sketch will work for single component projects such as a terrace with a garden, a vegetable garden, or a foundation planting.